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2 weeks ago

Protea World

Our plants are ready for the Clare Garden Show on Sunday. We will have just over 1000 75mm tubes for sale. Come early to avoid disappointment. ... See MoreSee Less

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Jodie Fidock

Lisa Santini

Would love to grow these but not sure they would grow in the sacramento Sacramento valley

Geoff that one on the edge of the driveway.....definitely dead 😆

Can you buy these online?

My Super Stars have already tripled in size since planting them in May this year 💕 So pleased with them!

Heya, are you guys selling these little beauties online?

Bella Holmes

If only they would grow in humid climate 😒

Melissa Mann

Omg Heath Bowbridge hows my timing!!!!

Monique Hapgood

Tubby Tubby

Ben Burnett

Jason Sally McClintock be nice to go there or buy online 😁

Cassi Robinson Here’s an opportunity close to home for you to check out what protea world have!

2 months ago

Protea World
Leucadendron Amy (200mm pots) available in flower from our nursery. Only limited numbers remaining.  Run dont walk!!Image attachmentImage attachment

Leucadendron Amy (200mm pots) available in flower from our nursery. Only limited numbers remaining. Run don't walk!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Jaymes Suisted

Jodie Fidock

Do you guys have leucadendron ebony by any chance?

Wish you shipped to Northern california

Hello When will some leucospormum be available please ?

How much are these and do you offer delivery?

Beautiful ❤️ can't wait for proteas online again , beautiful quality and upmost healthy plants

Irene Victor wow lucky we got one from karkoo! Seems like it’s limited

Simon Helbig we might need to call in and get one

Kirsty Laundy-Bell Amy

Lauren Werner

4 months ago

Protea World

Leucadendrons in Winter. ... See MoreSee Less

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Been trying to grow some in pots Gold Coast some didn't last have a few still alive here's hopeing they last

Just beautiful!!! When is the best time to plant Leucodendrons and Proteas in the garden? Would I be better off waiting until the weather is a bit warmer?

Love mine

They are just amazing plants I have some two mtr high Goulburn


Brought some the other day, do you have any Proteas left


I love mine

Kerry Fegan we need a trip this week 😍

Bronwyn Cleary

Kirsty Butler

4 months ago

Protea World

Thanks Sophie. We enjoyed the day.It is always fun to see segments we filmed months ago for Gardening Australia go to air – like this one with Richard and Tina at Protea World. If you missed it check it out at www.abc.net.au/gardening/factsheets/positives-of-proteas/12366626 #mypatch #protea #leucadendrons ... See MoreSee Less

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Jane Baldwin

Wondered if it was you guys they didn’t mention protea world. Great segment

Ah I thought it was Protea World. Are you open on weekends at the moment?

Georgia Kerr

Elli Hennessy

Hi hello you can ship here in Muscat oman