Proteas for Profit

Proteas for Profit

Considering your market.


Many people grow Proteas for profit. As well as being a plant-production nursery, we have been cut-flower growers ourselves for thirty years. Proteas can be grown on a small scale or a large scale; so where do you start?

How do you decide what to grow on your property?

Firstly, you have to consider your market. Where do you perceive you will sell your flowers; to local florists, to a wholesaler…or maybe at the roadside. Consider a trial planting to find out what grows well in your area. We can advise you on which to try.

Variety is the key. We recommend you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need colour and continuity. In other words, as one variety slows up another one comes into flower. There will be peak times but it is usually best if you can maintain a constant supply.

Be wary of wholesalers requesting certain lines. Remember, there will be a reason for shortages of some varieties. They may grow on short stems, they may only produce a few usable stems per bush, or they may be hard to grow.

We can give you advice before you purchase your plants.

We can help you with…

  • Varieties to try
  • When they flower
  • How to set them out; spacing etc.
  • Harvesting your stems

Prices are negotiable – based on amount, variety and pot size.

What type of plants are you looking for?

Protea Leucadendron Leucospermum Adenanthos Aulax Mimetes Hedging Screening Lime Tolerant Low Growing Part Shade Grows in Pots Red Yellow White/Cream Pink